Would you like to get a second or third visa with just one crop?
I was also taken care of by this farm, and I got both 2nd.3rd visas at this farm!

◉ I work at a strawberry farm with a Japanese owner (provisional).

◉ “Working in Caboolture, an hour’s drive from Brisbane. Although there were many unscrupulous farms, the labor shortage due to the influence of corona is remarkable. No farm has the energy to do bad things. Rest assured! ◉ ”

Since the number of working holiday visas in Australia is considerably less, the farm side is also cutting the money that can be cut and spending money on rate adjustment so that all workers can earn”

◉ “Japanese people are using the farm management Because I am involved, I can respond immediately in Japanese if there is anything. ”

◉“ Planting → cutting → picking or packing (~ November), the previous process is about half a year, so a second visa is available only at the strawberry farm You can get it quickly! ◉ What kind of

work do you do?
・ Planting
→ Work to plant baby strawberry seedlings crisply!
Salary: 1000 seedlings (1 bag) $ 65- $ 70.
Working hours: 30 minutes to 1 hour per bag. 5-7 weeks (Day Off is free!)
Tips: Speed ​​game! The trick is to be indifferent.

◉ What kind of work do you do?
・ Cutting
→ Work to chop old leaves so that new leaves are nourished!
Salary: $ 25.41 per hour
Working hours: 3-8 hours
Tips: The trick is, of course, to be indifferent. While talking with friends!

◉ What kind of work do you do?
・ Picking
→ Harvest strawberries that look delicious! You can sit at your own pace and sit in a primitive and groundbreaking vehicle called the Trolley!
Salary: 1kg ¢ 70 ~ $ 3 (Last year, men and women $ 3000 / week. Some earned!)
Working hours: 6 hours to 8 hours, 5 to 7 weeks (1 day off per week is basic, but when you want to take a day off
Tips: If you find a strawberry, look for the next strawberry while you are picking it ! You can earn a tremendous amount if you do it!

◉ It is also possible to introduce jobs in other areas! Please tell me where you want to work and if you have any conditions! We also have cash jobs, if you don’t want to pay Tax or Super, please contact us!

You can also see the worker’s pay slip! Ask questions here!
LINE: @ 866uldru









給与:1kg ¢70〜$3(昨年、男性女性$3000/週。稼いだ方もいます!)



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